• Hyundai and Legoland Germany strike partnership deal

Given that there are more than enough German manufacturers to choose from, it may seem odd for a German theme park to strike a deal with a Korean manufacturer to provide them with a total of 25 service vehicles, but that apparently is what happened when Legoland Germany and Hyundai finalized a two-year sponsorship deal.

As part of the deal, Legoland will use Hyundai vehicles ranging from the i10 city car to the new iX35 SUV for tourist servicing and shuttle rides in and around Legoland. In addition to that, Legoland’s toy cars, which are being used for basic driving school purposes for children ages 3 to 7, will be have Hyundai’s branding attached on them.

Sevilay Gokkaya, Head of Marketing & PR at the Hyundai Motor Germany GmbH, said: “LEGOLAND Germany Hyundai offers a fantastic experience to place the brand products in a family environment."

The partnership with Legoland is a fantastic opportunity for Hyundai to reach out to a market segment that it considers as one of its most sought-after markets: the family.

And with children becoming aware of Hyundai as a car brand, then you can expect a few wide-eyed kids begging their fathers to buy a real Hyundai, because they “look like Legos”.


Source: Hyundai

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  (937) posted on 03.23.2010

What is it with automakers and funlands lately? I heard that Ferrari is making some kind of Ferrari land and it will be having some Ferrari supercars as the ride for the roller coasters. Anyhow, Hyundai wouldn’t seem to do so bad if it will be attached to some metals and make some people scream. Lol. But for a touring vehicle, I’d say that their van lines will be perfect for the job. I have been in a few Hyundai van and they seem spacious and comfortable, I don’t know about the experience for the driver though.

  (612) posted on 03.22.2010

Amazing hyundai is getting bigger and bigger, they even reached the germany and have a partner ship with one of the largest toy manufacturer.

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