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Apparently, Hyundai still knows how to choke us up with its Super Bowl commercials. As much as the ad featuring the Hyundai Kona did that for all the wrong reasons, the Korean automaker’s other Super Bow commercials legitimate brought a tear to our eyes, and it’s not an ad for any one of the company’s models. Instead, Hyundai took an entirely different approach by reminding all of us that a part of the proceeds from every Hyundai that has been sold in the last 20 years went to Hyundai Hope on Wheels, a non-profit organization the Korean automaker started in 1998 to support life-saving pediatric cancer research.

The ad was shot at Hyundai’s NFL Super Bowl Experience driven by Genesis event over the weekend. The automaker planned it in such a way that Hyundai owners who went through metal detectors at the event were escorted to a back room. Apparently thinking that they were going to be searched for security reasons, these people had no idea that they would be received a video message from pediatric cancer survivors and their families, all of whom expressed their heartfelt thanks for the donations they didn’t know they made to Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

As a last surprise, the survivors who appeared in the video were also in attendance. The commercial ends with the survivors showing up from another door to personally thank the owners, much to the latter’s shock and surprise.

Hyundai Brings a Tear to our Eyes with Super Bowl LII Commercial
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This is the kind of commercial that resonates on a different level than your typical Super Bowl ads

Truth be told, this is the kind of commercial that resonates on a different level than your typical Super Bowl ads. This isn’t about a carmaker touting its latest product by having a celebrity talk about it. This is about the real-world where problems like pediatric cancer exist. Most importantly, this ad is about enlightening Hyundai owners who probably didn’t know that when they buy a Hyundai, they’re also making a donation to a non-profit organization that has helped people beat one of the worst diseases in the world today. According to Adweek, the idea behind the commercial was created because very few Hyundai owners actually knew about the donations they’ve been making for the past 20 years.

Well done, Hyundai. More importantly, well done, Hyundai owners.


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