One particular highlight of the 2009 Miami Auto show was the HKS Hyundai Genesis Coupe that was built specially for the 2008 SEMA show. Now while Hyundai is stepping up their game for this year’s show with a mid mounted Tau V8 powered Genesis Coupe being prepared by none other than Rhys Millen himself, and while the new car is supposed to be a bit of a sleeper, the HKS creation is anything but such a thing.

Hyundai brings the HKS Genesis Coupe to the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show.
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The Tskuba Red coupe wears a Kenstyle bodykit that gives the Korean car an aggressive blend of Japanese style without going over the top in the traditional ricer fashion. Devoid of big wings and way too much camber; like most high end creations it is the details that you don’t see that makes the HKS creation so nice. For instance the hood mounted front spoiler goes almost unnoticed, just like the ghosted in graphic that identifies this car as an HKS creation. The grille opening has been enlarged and the front bumper opens up wider, framing the Mobis front mount intercooler nicely and making the new Coupe seem much more stable. Out back the oversized quartet of tailpipes look like it could have been lifted straight off of a Nissan GT-R, while the new rear end compliments the front end nicely, making the Genesis Coupe look much more planted on the ground.

Hyundai brings the HKS Genesis Coupe to the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show.
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The HKS Genesis Coupe rides on a set of 19 inch Volk Racing rims, some of the finest aftermarket wheels available anywhere. Housed inside of the upgraded rolling stock are a set of multi piston Brembo brake calipers that are ready to bring the Coupe to a hasty halt. That is because thanks to every part from the HKS catalog that ranges from the HKS GT Turbo upgrade to HKS Hipermax III fully adjustable coil over suspension is made to make this tuned Hyundai Genesis Coupe go as good as it looks.


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Naterade22  (238) posted on 10.27.2009

looks pretty quick. Im impressed Hyundai. HKS is always high quality

TJKEON  (138) posted on 10.27.2009

It was real nice, I just wonder what it sounds like

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.27.2009

Very beautiful.

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