When the Hyundai Genesis Coupe will come on the US market it will be offered with turbocharged engine. But the company says this won’t be the only option available. The turbo power will be offered in other models too.

The four-cylinder turbo will come from Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, Hyundai’s joint venture with Mitsubishi and Chrysler. It will be built at the joint venture’s plant in South Korea. The rear-drive coupe also will be available with a naturally aspirated V-6.

"We like the idea of turbo, so we’ll do others," Krafcik told Automotive News. "I think the timing is good because no one else has a four-cylinder, rear-drive platform with a turbocharger."

The company also confirmed that they have no plans for diesel ot hybrid at the moment as they are very expensive. Plans for a hybrid engine will start in 2013 when Hyundai plans to sell around 50000 units a year in California.

Although the RWD Genesis coupe is coming, Krafcik said Hyundai plans to keep a front-wheel-drive sporty coupe in the lineup to replace the Tiburon.

Source: Automotive News

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  (233) posted on 05.4.2008

no i just opened up my mind a bit did some research and was impressed by a few of these cars lol...

they use more engineering in these cars than just straight up hp and torque from the engine. by adding performance parts and such instead they can reduce weight of the car... reduce the price and improve some of the performance if not keep it on par

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.26.2008

jtm actually approving of a, as he would say "four banger".

You okay over there? You are not sick, are you?

AK47  (233) posted on 04.24.2008

yea it may have the same engine but it doesn’t have the awd... however the rwd should be fun to drive. especially for people who like to let the rear end slide around drifting power sliding and what not.. brings back memories of the silvia.

AK47  (6023) posted on 03.23.2008

you’re all ing idiots. the engine is the same as the lancer evo motor. the world engine (4b11) its used in chrysler/mitsu/hyundai cars

AK47  (133) posted on 12.20.2007

by 2015 maybe

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.19.2007

yeah i will but still doubt it

badestofthebad  (133) posted on 12.19.2007

wait to see wat happens wit dat.

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.18.2007

the v4 model will be turbo charged thats for certain but the v6 probably not, an even if it was i still doubt it will be ready for a sti or even the evo....thats highly debatable but who knows we’ll just have to see if hyundai has the nerve to step up its game an come into the ring with the two street racing kings the mitsubishi an subaru

badestofthebad  (133) posted on 12.18.2007

... with turbo engines.

badestofthebad  (133) posted on 12.18.2007

i did say that a while ago but whether it can compete with an Sti or an Evo is still in the dark but will only happen if the v6 comes turbocharged if not then well sti and evo will continue to be the turbo car of choice for street racers. looks like hyundai is recalling older models of toyota supra and 300zx and their sucess

badestofthebad  (111) posted on 12.18.2007

well well so it does have a turbo.....wonder how much power comes out of it

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