Hyundai Genesis Coupe update

First contact: Hyundai Genesis Coupe
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Well, we’re about to take the new Genesis Coupe for our first test drive, but before we tell you all about that, let me whet you appetites with a couple a things to look forward to. Hyundai sees the new rear drive coupe as the succesor to Nissan’s now defunct 240SX.

The vehicle’s product manager Miles Johnson the 30 MPG, 2.0 Liter turbo should be able to handle a tuned 300 ponies. Both the boosted 4 and the V6 have been dialed back to conserve both gas and oil, meaning that there is a lot left to squeeze out of the power plants.

Look forward to twin turbo kit from Hennessey and a bodykit from Rhys Millen Racing. There are even talks about a Greddy show car for SEMA.

This should be fun!

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