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First hitting North American shores back in 2011, the Veloster is Hyundai’s sporty little three-door hatchback, offering a nice combination of fun and practicality in a modestly affordable package. Now, there’s an updated model just over the horizon and Hyundai is teasing it big time, with the latest refresh shown in a brief 15-second clip composed of quick shots of the front and rear panned against a shadowy background.

Although brief, the video does seem to reveal that the 2019 model year won’t be a huge break from what we’ve seen before, with the updates mostly centered on bringing the Veloster’s aesthetics up to par with the rest of the automaker’s current lineup. There’s still a three-door body style, with one door for the driver and two for the passenger side, plus a low stance and bubbly profile. However, Hyundai does mention that the A-pillars were moved rearwards to give the car a longer look.

Draped over the body panels, we find a blazing orange paint job, although black was also added to the top portions of the car, suggesting a two-tone paint scheme above the window line. In front, the fascia gains a sharper headlight design, with lower daytime running light accents set in LEDs. The central intake uses a hexagonal shape, and there’s a lower splitter element acting as underspoiler for the chin. Smaller side intakes were added to the bumper corners, and while they don’t look functional, they still lend the thing a cool design element thanks to their upward-swinging wing pieces.

In the corners, the wheels use an aggressive turbine design, while higher up, there are decently flared fenders. There’s also a few character lines stretching up into the profile, while black offsets are used for the side skirts and side-view mirrors.

The rear end gets a chunky bumper design with a center-mounted dual-tip exhaust, while the hatch gets a roof spoiler. The rear bumper also comes with a diffuser element for added aero points. Finally, a new taillight design wraps up into the flanks.

In terms of the oily details, expect a front-mounted 1.6-liter engine, turbocharged to produce 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. Once again, muscle is routed exclusively to the front axle.

Look for a full reveal of the 2019 model year Hyundai Veloster next week at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show.


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