Hyundai announced a few weeks ago that a concept version of the rear-wheel-drive Genesis Coupe will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. But until then, the first uncovered images of the RWD Sports Coupe have been taken to a presentation comparison for marketing purposes: Hyundai Genesis Coupe on one side and Ford Mustang on the other side.

The Genesis Coupe will be offered with a choice of two different engines: a 2.0 liter Turbo with 215 and pricing starting at $19,900 and a 3.8 liter V6 with 300 hp and pricing starting at $25,900.

Hyundai RWD Genesis Coupe uncovered
- image 211823

Unknown if optional or included w/ pricing...

  • Ipod integration in center console.
  • Bluetooth w/ stock head deck.
  • Sunroof.
  • Limited slip.

Marketing will tell if it:

  • MIGHT have Brembo brake upgrades.
  • MIGHT have its own badge. (Tuscani for example)
  • It keeps the LED turn signals on the side mirrors.
Hyundai RWD Genesis Coupe uncovered
- image 211826

Source: New Tiburon

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  (111) posted on 12.30.2007

as i thought this car cudn’t possibly be a competitor for the STi or the evo maybe for the 350z but not the other two it doesn’t have the power or performance to stand up

  (1) posted on 12.30.2007

The reason that they ditched the v8
V8=Gas guzzler.. The Turbo 4cyl and v6 will be more efficient..

  (133) posted on 11.14.2007

i heer that the v8 not comin on this ...uhm... WHY the hell not?

  (133) posted on 11.12.2007

me want test drive too

  (11) posted on 11.12.2007

The car looks awesome and I expect Hyundai’s price to be a few thousand less than suggested for a base V6 even though this car is RWD. With so many rumors flying around out there about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the most recent one I heard is true. Supposedly the two engines will produce more power and torque than suggested. The 2.0T (220-240hp & 240-260lb-ft), which puts it in position with the GM roadster twins (Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice) & the 3.8L (315-325hp & 290-305 lb-ft of torque), which would put it in the same league as the 350Z & G37. November 14 is only a few days away and all the rumors and speculation will be laid to rest. I applaud Hyundai on this new coupe, it definitely will be a big hit and I for one am ready for a test drive.

  (133) posted on 11.12.2007

v8 coming on the 2010 hyundai coupe maybee? or is that the genesis coupe shown above? think it looks gr8, should do well on the market since it be a RWD

  (372) posted on 11.8.2007

Whatever happened to the V8?

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