• Hyundai steps up their genesis game by recruiting Rhys Millen Racing

Just announced at the Chicago Auto show is that Rhys Millen will spearhead Hyundai’s motorsports efforts with the Genesis Coupe. He and the car are scheduled to compete at Pikes Peak, a full season of Formula D and numerous Redline Time Attack events throughout 2009.

"I’m a free agent, so if Hyundai is interested in me for Pikes Peak or Formula Drift or road racing, I’m open," said Pikes peak record holder and Formula D champion Millen.

Hyundai steps up their genesis game by recruiting Rhys Millen Racing
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To prepare for the task ahead the team at RMR has prepared a Genesis Coupe by stitch-welding the chassis and then installing the carbon fiber body panels from the RMR SEMA Genesis. This was done in an effort to increase the structural rigidity and bring down the weight of the car. Mr. Millen has a target weight of a 2,400 lb curb weight.

Aerodynamic improvements to the race vehicle include a lower front splitter and rear diffuser to suck the car onto the ground and an adjustable rear wing to keep the back end planted. The car is able to use a larger wheel and tire combination than the factory model thanks to the wide body kit in the back. This Genesis Coupe also benefits from a vented hood to keep down under hood temperature.

Instead of going with the base 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo engine like the show car, Rhys has decided to go with the V6 and displacement has been increased from 3.8 to 4.1 liters. The Lambda V6 makes use of a Turbonetics turbocharger to force air into the engine and AEM engine management system is used for the brains of the operation. All these modifications result in 550 HP and 520 lb-ft of torque, quite an improvement from the 310 HP of the stock engine on high test gasoline. Rhys will be shifting gears thanks to an HKS sequential transmission.

The Hyundai sits on a set of three-way adjustable KW coilovers. Other suspension components such as: swaybars, lower control arms, rear control arms and toe links are all adjustable so that the car can be dialed in for whatever task is thrown its way.


Source: AutoWeek

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  (778) posted on 02.23.2010

that was quite a fun drifting with genesis, with the success of the genesis on the sports world, other competitor will surely have a hard time beating it.

  (612) posted on 01.4.2010

hmmm good drifting but and a nice car too, IMO Nissan Z is better than the hyundai specially drifting in long track run like this one.

  (43) posted on 02.14.2009

wonder if they are going to market any of the parts that they are developing, that would certainly help out with the aftermarket parts. And it helps that hes using parts from companies that we already know!

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