If there’s one thing we know now about Hyundai heading into Sunday’s Super Bowl, it’s that the car brand is determined to leave a lasting impression to all those watching the sports spectacle just for the commercials.

We’ve already previewed their Brett Favre commercial a few days ago but now we have all of Hyundai’s advertisements, all of which are expected to air at some point during the game.

And by all, we mean all eight of them.

In an attempt at taking full advantage of the enormous viewership generated by the Super Bowl, Hyundai is spending a pretty lump sum of money for the right to air these commercials. Each 30-second spot during the game is expected to cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2 million so if all of Hyundai’s eight commercials air at least once during the event, then the South Korean car brand should expect to pay around $16 million for that privilege.

And the best part is, Hyundai doesn’t seem to mind forking over that kind of money. "The Super Bowl is not only a showcase for great football, but also for the most significant advertising, reaching an estimated 95 million viewers in the U.S.," said Joel Ewanick, vice president of marketing, Hyundai Motor America.

"Following in the footsteps of our 2008 and 2009 Super Bowl focus on the new Genesis and Genesis Coupe, we are focusing this year’s Super Bowl campaign on the all-new 2011 Sonata, the most significant new model introduction in our history."

Check out all of Hyundai’s commercials after the jump.

Source: Carscoop

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  (399) posted on 07.14.2011

haha Hyundai makes sense on this one. Better than Toyota? I think their almost right on that one. They really are making some changes and upgrades nowadays.

  (334) posted on 03.7.2011

that’s a good commercial but Hyundai is somewhat far away to be called “exciting” car. Camaro is much better over this one. And who said that muscle car are underpowered and over weight?

  (534) posted on 02.7.2010

Well it’s a huge chance to advertise. I’d say that if they were to give away a car or two during the game, it will make a bigger impact. Thousands of people would be there and for sure they would want to have one of those babies be in their garage. Anyways, that was just a thought.

  (798) posted on 02.7.2010

I’ve been to hyundai showroom and i’ve seen their model cars and i can say they are really quite good and comfortable to drive specially their santa-fe.

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