The Hyundai Veracruz might be in its last days. The car has always been pretty good, but the crossover has never sold entirely well. So, with Hyundai models flying off the showroom floors, the Veracruz is getting left behind. Now, Autoblog is reporting that the Veracruz will be around for a little bit longer, but inevitably, the CUV will be replaced by a long wheelbase version of the Sante Fe.

This really caught us a bit off guard, as Crossover models seem to be the hip thing at the moment. Nissan has just added a longer version of the Qashqai and other automakers are likely to follow suit.

This move will likely be a ways off, so it’s not clear yet on how stretched the Sante Fe will be. This stretch won’t be new for the Sante Fe though, as it was offered in a three-row version before its update in 2010. Hyundai will need to increase cabin space, especially in the third row, in order to get shoppers thinking Korean.

Hyundai is also looking to put the new lithium-polymer hybrid drivetrain into the Santa Fe. The motor was first designed for use in the Sonata, but the SUV seems like the perfect fit. No word on if this is actually true, but it seems to make perfect sense. Look how well theFord Escape Hybrid is selling and you’ll soon see the point.

More news to come.


Source: Autoblog

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  (745) posted on 08.30.2010

Sigh, I wonder what is the exact reason why such kind of things happened to the manufacturers.

  (134) posted on 08.1.2010

its a vast improvement style wise over the previous generation Elantra. i am starting to see a commonality of certain styling elements amongst all Hyundai models though.

  (765) posted on 06.30.2010

Same goes for the Azera regarding advertisements. I haven’t seen a commercial specifically for the Azera in years

  (434) posted on 06.28.2010

@ Victor - dude it’s not like the people hate it. many automaker has enhanced their CUV’s and Hyundai also needs to follow the trends.

  (205) posted on 06.27.2010

Too bad on this Hyundai Veracruz didn’t get the taste of people. Well, better luck next time!

  (507) posted on 06.27.2010

Impressive, mileage! I also can’t imagine that the mustang can achieve this kind of mileage.

  (859) posted on 06.25.2010

Hyundai is really on a roll. Toyota and Honda must be really worried. Except for the badge Hyundais are more or less in the same category as the former.

  (1023) posted on 06.24.2010

yes veracruz has been left behind by the SantaFe and Tucson, but the veracruz is one good looking and fun to drive.. i drove it once, it’s handling is just like a car and it can accelerate faster than the toyota Rav4. But i don’t see any reason why they have to end this Crossover.

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