Is the concept going to shape what future Hyundai’s are going to look like?

The Geneva Motor Show is shaping up to be a big event for Hyundai. The Korean automaker will debut the Kona EV, but it won’t be the only Hyundai model that’s going to turn heads. A concept vehicle will also be shown, one that’s being presented as a key concept that will shape the Korean automaker’s design language moving forward.

Hyundai's FE Fuel Cell Concept Showcases Future Vision For Zero-Emission Mobility Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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The FE Fuel Cell Concept last year eventually paved the way for the Nexo SUV, which is already out on the market

This is somewhat of an unexpected development. We didn’t know that Hyundai had a major concept vehicle to show in Geneva, but the automaker has made it official. Hyundai Europe CEO, Thomas A. Schmid, described it as a model that will show “what future (Hyundai) models will look like.”

Details are still sketchy on what we can expect out of this concept, but if Hyundai’s history in Geneva is any indication, it’s going to be more than a showcase piece. Remember, the Korean automaker introduced the FE Fuel Cell Concept last year. That concept eventually paved the way for the Nexo SUV, which is already out on the market. It’s unlikely that this concept will have a similar blueprint because its purpose is far more philosophical than anything else. That said, it’s still a model that’s worth keeping an eye on, in part because Hyundai says that it will “harmonize the key design elements, proportions, architecture, styling, and technology” of its future models.

Sometime in the future, when Hyundais look far different than they do now, we could look back at this Geneva-bound concept and say this model is where it all started. In the meantime, your guesses are as good as ours on what this model is going to look like.


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