Becoming someone who designs cars for a living isn’t something that happens to just anyone, especially when it comes to designing cars for the likes of Aston Martin or Jaguar. To carry that responsibility, an individual has to have art, motivation and an understanding of what people want at the core of their heart. That’s exactly the message I got from watching this short video of Ian Callum explaining how he became a car designer and how his experience in life affects how he designs cars today.

I won’t spoil the whole story for you, but Ian Callum started off by drawing household items as a kid before moving on to drawing cars. His first freelance job came in the form of designing the Aston Martin DB7, a feat that he explains was quite the challenge. Truth be told, the man has developed some of the most beautiful cars out there, and listening to him explain his thought process really speaks as to what it takes to have such a challenging, yet passionate position with one of the greatest auto manufacturers in the world.

The video runs about 10 minutes and includes some vintage footage as well. It is well worth watching, and besides, it’s not very often you get to hear what drives those who design cars like the Jaguar F-type. Hit play and enjoy the video.


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