Coming up with a name has to be one of the toughest parts of creating a new car. Sometimes a name falls from the sky and fits, and other times one almost has to be forced into place. In the latter case, sometimes automakers pick the coolest names ever and some go the exact opposite directions. Some of those that fall into the latter category for me include the LaFerrari, Bentayga, and the i-MiEV. After its unveiling at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, I believed the F-Pace name – the one Jaguar will use on its new crossover that was inspired by the 2014 C-X17 Concept – was one more to add to that list. That said, Ian Callum, Jag’s design director, talked to Auto Express about the upcoming name and why the British automaker went that direction.

The most interesting part of the crossover’s name is the fact that it was actually close to being called the X-Type. While the X-Type name may seem like a great idea for a crossover, you may need reminded of the reheated Ford Mondeo that Jaguar decided to rebody and call the X-Type between 2002 and 2008. Yeah, though it sold relatively well and lasted a fairly long time in Jag’s lineup, the X-Type was certainly not a high point in Jaguar’s lifetime. So it is likely best that the Leaping Cat stuck with F-Pace.

Another name that was tossed around was the XQ-Type, but Callum says that was an Audi and Aston Martin thing. I actually remember when the XQ-Type name first circled the rumormill and I actually thought it was too similar to Infiniti’s new naming scheme too. But I can certainly see the Audi and Aston tie-in too.

As for Callum’s reasoning for going with F-Pace, he told Auto Express: “I like it because I think it’s got a bit of texture and character to it and I think after time people will get used to it.” I guess I can see where he is going with this, as it is something people will talk about and will eventually become an accepted name, almost like the LaFerrari has become.

Callum also went on to talk about why Jaguar decided to go with a crossover in the first place. According to him, it was not because the market forced his hand; rather, it was after input from “people in the business” and his designer that he decided it was worth looking into. Once he saw that is made good business sense, he gave it the green light under two decrees: “it has to be sexy” and don’t let function dictate form.

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Why it matters

When an automaker comes up with a funky name that just doesn’t seem to fit, they often just ignore the public questioning of the choice. Sometimes all it takes is a quick explanation for the name for use media folk to say “ahhh, I gotcha,” and move one. And that’s exactly what happened here. Plus it was nice to learn that F-Pace beat out a resurrection of the rightfully deceased X-Type name.

Additionally, it was great to learn that Jaguar had decided to start investigating a crossover without the general public forcing its hand. Instead, Callum and other Jag executive listened to those inside the business and then decided to check if it made business sense.

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

2017 - 2019 Jaguar F-Pace Exterior
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