We first saw the I.DE.A. Institute’s ERA concept last May. Back then it was slapped together in 30 days, and the roadster looked like it was almost a distorted Panoz Esperante. Now I.DE.A. is back with a more refined car for the Geneva Motor Show.

Besides the looks, the car is distinguished by gullwing door and a spartan interior that lresembles a simplified Maserati Birdcage. If fact, the ERA’s exterior design seems to borrow pieces from the 60s Italian racer, including the ducktail rear end.

The ERA was developed to mark the company’s 30th anniversary. Now that I.DE.A. has had some time to refine the car, its starting to look like a worthy celebration piece. No word yet on the engine (or if there even is one) because this is mainly a styling exercise.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

After a ten-year absence, I.DE.A. Institute returns to the International Motor Show in Geneva to present ERA, its latest concept car and symbol of an invigorated I.DE.A Institute.

With the final touches now complete, ERA will be unveiled at the 79th International Motor Show in Geneva following its first debut in Turin last May, marking the company’s thirtieth anniversary.

IDEA ERA Concept
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ERA is a two-seater roadster expressing continuity with the past and at the same time symbolising a company on its way to a new future. Brought to life by a creative team of young designers and skilled model and show car builders, ERA represents a new phase for I.DE.A Institute, strengthened by the experience and synergies of its parent company, the Swiss multinational Rieter.

The car features gull-wing doors opening onto a simple yet effective interior with its visible tubular structure. ERA’s shape has been sketched instinctively: its smooth curves, proportions, elegance and personality all come to life from taut yet harmonious lines giving the car its elegant but powerful appearance. ERA is a contemporary interpretation of that classic “Italian Style” that is much appreciated the world over.

The ERA show car and I.DE.A Institute’s presence at the International Motor Show in Geneva are both tangible signs of the new spirit driving the company forward. “With ERA we are looking to the future: this is just the first in a series of models we are creating to reaffirm our design capabilities” - commented Pietro Lardini, Chairman of I.DE.A Institute.

IDEA ERA Concept
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I.DE.A Institute launches a new ERA!

79th International Motor Show in Geneva – Hall 2, Stand 2240

I.DE.A Institute – With a turnover of 40 million Euro and around 400 employees, since 2000 I.DE.A. Institute has been part of the multinational Rieter Group with its headquarters in Winterthur Switzerland, some 15,000 employees worldwide and 2008 sales of per 3.14 billion Swiss Francs.

During the 30 years since its foundation, I.DE.A Institute has become a global company with operations in Europe, Asia and South America.

IDEA ERA Concept
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