Capability can’t fix stupid

Trucks are fun, aren’t they? Big suspension, big tires, and all four churning the mushy, muddy ground... what’s not to love? Unfortunately, even the most capable of vehicles out there can’t handle everything, a lesson hard-learned by one Silverado driver in Illinois who apparently found the limits of his friend’s new Chevy pick-up early before sunrise New Year’s day.

The story was captured by local Fox news affiliate Fox2/News 11, who spoke with Austin Opp from the Chain of Rocks Recreation Corp., which owns the muddy ground in question. “When the lake goes dry in the winter, there’s a lot of temptation for guys to think they can just come out here and go four-wheeling,” Opp said. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen out here. Nobody’s usually dumb enough to try to go out on the lake, and he did.”

Apparently, the truck’s owner and his friend ventured out onto frozen lake assuming it was a frozen field. By the time they had realized their mistake, they broke through the ice and were quickly stuck in the grime. To try and fix the problem, the duo rented a backhoe, which, predictably, broke through and got stuck as well. Now, both the truck and the backhoe will remain where they are until spring, at which time the thaw will sink the vehicles under six to seven feet of water.



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