A hybrid competitor for the VW Golf?

Skoda just unveiled a cool concept car that makes us a bit jealous that the company’s products won’t be sold in the U.S. anytime soon. It’s called the Vision RS, and it appears to be a premium competitor for the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. Do we want it in U.S. dealerships? Hell yeah!

It’s a Skoda Rapid on Steroids

If Skoda Would Build a Car that Looks Like the Vision RS Concept, We'd Welcome it in the U.S. with Open Arms
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Established all the way back in 1895, Skoda attempted to sell cars in North America in 1959. It didn’t go well as its offerings cost as much a the bigger V-8 cars and had some reliability problems. It was the company’s only U.S. venture, and that’s not likely to change soon given that most of its vehicles wouldn’t be very popular here. However, a high-tech, hybrid-powered competitor for the Ford Focus would be a good bet. And the Vision RS seems to preview just that.

It's hard not to love the Vision RS' exterior design. It has the proportions of a Volkswagen Golf, but it looks a lot more aggressive thanks to its big grille, angular headlamps, and race-inspired front bumper.

The deeply sculpted beltline and side skirts further add to the sporty look, as does the rear end with its big spoiler, slender taillights, and big diffuser. As Skoda puts it, it’s "even more emotive and sporty" than any other RS model to date.

What’s more, it sports a lot of carbon-fiber elements, crystal glass mirror indicators and taillight elements, and lightweight wheels. With a few upgrades to make it feasible for mass production, the Vision RS could become a full-blown hot-hatch, maybe under the Rapid nameplate.

All-Digital, Premium Interior

If Skoda Would Build a Car that Looks Like the Vision RS Concept, We'd Welcome it in the U.S. with Open Arms
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Based on the Vision X Concept shown at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the interior is equally cool and sporty.

There’s a race-inspired steering wheel, sporty seats with integrated headrests, and a big infotainment display in the middle of the dash. Skoda even added carbon-fiber and crystal glass elements, as well as fabric door pulls inspired by RS race cars.

The high-resolution, color touchscreen can be moved upwards at the push of a button to reveal a charging and docking station for a smartphone and also includes Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Skoda is obviously looking to add as much technology as possible in the future. To make things even better, it has a spacious trunk that can take up to 430 liters (15.2 cubic feet) of luggage.

Powerful Hybrid Drivetrain

If Skoda Would Build a Car that Looks Like the Vision RS Concept, We'd Welcome it in the U.S. with Open Arms
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Unlike other Skodas, the Vision RS hides a hybrid drivetrain under the skin. The Czech firm paired a 1.5-liter gasoline engine rated at 150 PS (148 horsepower) and a 75-kW electric motor.

Total output is rated at 245 PS (242 horsepower), which puts the concept into hot-hatchback territory.

Skoda says the Vision RS needs 7.1 seconds to hit 62 mph on its way to a top speed of 210 km/h (130 mph). Powered by a 13-kWh battery, it can run on electricity only for up to 70 km (around 44 miles). The battery can be charged in only two and a half hours, which sounds very practical.

The big question is, will Skoda put something similar into production? The company says the concept provides "a look ahead at a future Skoda model in the popular compact segment," so I’m tempted to say yes!

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