• If This Image Is Real, It’s Our First Look at the BMW i4 M50

Following the trend, this leaked image could signal the official reveal of the M-badged i4

The new BMW i4 was revealed back in March of 2021, and it’s poised to become the world’s very first electric BMW M car. Dubbed the i4 M for now, we’ve seen plenty of spy shots but this leaked image could be our very first look at what a real electric M car looks like. Some are calling I the i4 M others are calling it the i4 M50. Either way, it’s an electric car, and it’s wearing an M badge.

What to Expect from the BMW i4 M50

If This Image Is Real, It's Our First Look at the BMW i4 M50
- image 990015

Following the partial review of the BMW i4, we learned that it would have around 300 miles of range and more than 500 horsepower. It was also capable of hitting 62 mph in just four seconds. Not long after that we gave it a thorough digging to see just how well it would compete with the Tesla Model 3.

Everything was silent up until May of 2021 when we learned that the i4 M would actually sound similar to a spaceship thanks to the help of Hans Zimmer. Fast forward to now, and a leaked image that was posted on Instagram and then quickly removed, showcases exactly what the i4 M50 will look like.

If This Image Is Real, It's Our First Look at the BMW i4 M50
- image 990016

The most important thing to note from this lonely picture is the M badge on the front fascia and the few visual upgrades that make it a little more aggressive. There are some typical M Sport components, including the wider side skirts in the rear and the multi-spoke wheels. As for technology and performance goes, it’s all a big mystery.

The most powerful i4 is said to offer up 522 horsepower and a four-second sprint to 60 mph, but whether the car you see here is the range-topping model remains to be seen.

It will most definitely feature all-wheel drive, though, to help differentiate it from the rear-wheel-drive i4 eDrive35 and eDrive40.

If This Image Is Real, It's Our First Look at the BMW i4 M50
- image 990017

The lesser models will have less range and slower performance. The real question is how much range the i4 M50 will have and where it will fall in the lineup. Is this as good as it gets or will there be a full-on i4 M? Only time will tell, but this specific model should debut on June 1, 2020 if not sooner thanks to this leaked image.

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