• If This Leak Shows the 2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift, It Looks a Lot Like the 2014 BMW Vision Future Concept

Our first glimpse of the Bavarian luxury sled!

The BMW 7 Series has been around since the late ‘70s, with the latest sixth generation dropping back in 2015. Now, however, it’s time for an update, but before the big official sheet pull, we’re getting a sneak peek thanks to a recent Instagram post that reveals the front three quarters of the new vehicle completely undisguised.

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If This Leak Shows the 2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift, It Looks a Lot Like the 2014 BMW Vision Future Concept
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The image you see above was originally posted by Russian Instagram user @fdnidin, but has since been deleted.

The image appears to come from a VIP preview event, where BMW has been showing off the new 7 Series to select individuals to help build hype for the big reveal.

The image appears to show the front three quarters of the car, including one of the headlights, the front bumper, the kidney grille, one of the fenders, and one of the plus-sized alloy wheels.

From the off, we can’t help but remark that this thing looks quite similar to the Vision Future Luxury Concept that dropped back in 2014, especially with regards to that sharp front lip. And that’s a very good thing indeed, as the Vision Future Luxury Concept was quite the looker in our opinion.

We’re also delighted to see the new 7 Series arrive to the party rocking loads of chrome trim. Inside those geometric headlight housings, you’ll notice a bluish hue, which seems to suggest that the 7 Series will get standard laser headlights overseas. Meanwhile, those of us residing stateside will have to make due with LED headlights.

We also expect the 7’s side strakes to once again follow the lower edges of the front fenders, plus it’ll come with a taillight design similar to that on the new 3 Series, complementing the front end with further LED lighting elements.

Overall, we think the new 7 Series takes a bit after the new X7, in addition to the Vision Future Luxury Concept. The slim headlight housings, extra large intake in front, and lower lip lined in chrome all fall in line with BMW’s latest language, and the curving design and flairs of the Vision Future Luxury Concept to boot.

2016 BMW 7 Series Interior
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Note: current BMW 7 Series pictured here.
In terms of the interior layout, we don’t expect the new 7 Series to be entirely new, or really all that different at all.

That said, this will still be an opulent luxury-laden sedan, with the very latest infotainment goodies spread from front to back. Look for digital instrumentation and the latest iDrive system from high-end models like the 8 Series.

As for motivation, the 7 Series will likely come equipped with a number of six-cylinder powerplants burning both gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as a mid-range twin-turbo V-8, a possible hybrid ‘six, and a top-of-the-line 6.6-liter V-12.

Look for the updated BMW 7 Series to make its official debut either in the next few weeks at the earliest, or in March at the Geneva Motor Show at the latest. A debut next month is also a possibility. Either way, it should happen relatively soon.

When it does finally drop, the new BMW 7 Series will go head-to-head against rivals like the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Lexus LS 500. Pricing should slot in around $85,000.

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