Print them out, color them as you see fit, and craft your paper dream car

We really didn’t give a lot of attention to the Toyota 86 paper models or the Mazda MX-5 Miata papercraft, but now that we’ve discovered that Nissan has put up its entire lineup in papercraft form, we’re kind of intrigued. We don’t know about you, but folding a piece of paper into a 3D model of a car seems a hell of a lot funner than just coloring on paper.

Nissan Papercraft Lineup

If you want to download some authentic Nissan papercrafts, you need to head on over to Nissan Japan’s Website You can pick from cars like the Nissan Leaf, Nissan Juke, or even the GT-R Nismo and 370Z Nismo, but just about the entire lineup is there:

If You Have the Lockdown Blues, Why Not Build a Paper Nissan Skyline or 370Z?
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For what it’s worth, you can download each one in PDF form to print out and color yourself, or you can download images that you can paint digitally before you print to make them look even better. So, if you’re looking for something fun to do while you’re stuck in the house, this could be a fun way to spend your time. How man Nissan cars can you fold in a day?

Source: Nissan Japan

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