Is this the future of Bavarian luxury?

The rising importance of technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry is undeniable, with every one of the big makes doubling down on its tech offerings in a variety of different areas. BMW is no different, and early next year, it’ll head to CES with a simulated experience of things to come in its latest self-driving EV concept.

The Next Big Thing?

The BMW iNext Points To the Future Of The Automaker's Electric SUVs Exterior
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For those of you who may be unaware, the Consumer Electronic’s Show in Las Vegas is arguably the biggest technology convention of the year, with the 2019 rendition slated to kick off January 8th.

Beyond the smartphones and smart home systems, the latest and greatest automotive technology will also be on display, and BMW is looking to showcase its developments in “design, automated driving, connectivity, electrification, and services” as the framework for its corporate strategy going forward.

As such, BMW’s booth will feature a “sophisticated mixed-reality installation” that recreates the experience of actually riding in the BMW Vision iNext concept.

The BMW iNext Points To the Future Of The Automaker's Electric SUVs Exterior
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Participants will don virtual reality glasses and be made to feel as though they are out and about in the futuristic crossover.

As a reminder, the iNext offers both autonomous and manual drive modes, and it uses electric power to get from A to B. It’s also stuffed with the latest development of BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant.

For those CES attendees looking to experience the iNext firsthand, the simulation begins with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant suggesting a daily agenda, after which the AI plans a trip according to your wishes.

If You're Going to the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, BMW Wants to Give You a Virtual Ride in the 2020 iNext
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Attendees start by driving the car themselves, after which they can put it in the fully autonomous ‘Ease’ mode and let the car drive itself.

While the robots handle the driving, the Personal Assistant will make suggestions for the passenger, setting up things like shopping, smart home functions, and videoconferencing for work.

The interior itself is designed to be comfortable, regardless if you’re driving or the car is driving itself. And because it’s fully autonomous, BMW made sure to provide ample opportunities to use the downtime effectively, whether for entertainment or productivity. As such, the iNext is decked out with open spaces, lots of soft touch materials, and copious display touchscreens.

BMW will also showcase something it’s calling “Shy Tech” at CES, or rather, technology that is discretely integrated with the vehicle, but only becomes visible when it’s required.

Finally, BMW says it’ll round out its CES experience with a self-riding R 1200 GS motorcycle and an off-road experience in the X7 SUV.

It sounds pretty interesting, and we’re sure BMW won’t be the only automaker on hand to show its wares. Indeed, as tech becomes more and more important, expect to see more booths like Bimmer’s at CES.

Further Reading

The BMW iNext Points To the Future Of The Automaker's Electric SUVs Exterior
- image 795634

Read our full review on the 2018 BMW iNext Concept.

The Production Version of the 2018 Vision iNext will Bring an All-New Platform, New Autonomous Technology
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The Production Version Of The 2018 BMW iVision Next Will Bring An All-New Platform, New Autonomous Technology.

BMW showcases its first autonomous motorcycle Exterior
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BMW Showcases Its First Autonomous Motorcycle.

Munich/Las Vegas. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the BMW Group will showcase the future of driving pleasure and the potential of digital connectivity in a variety of different ways. From January 8-11 2019, visitors will have their first chance to take a virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT, accompanied by the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. In this way, the BMW Group is underlining its innovative capabilities in the fields of design, automated driving, connectivity, electrification, and services (D+ACES), which are all defined as key areas of future activity in its corporate strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT.

The vision vehicle will be displayed alongside a sophisticated mixed-reality installation that, for the first time, provides a virtual and immersive impression of what it is like to drive autonomously, emission-free, and fully connected in the BMW Vision iNEXT. To begin the simulation, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant suggests an agenda for the day and plans the activities for the trip perfectly. With virtual reality goggles and a specially-designed spatial concept, visitors are able to immerse themselves in this virtual world: Initially, they drive the BMW Vision iNEXT themselves, but the vehicle soon takes over the driving function. In autonomous “Ease” mode, the driver interacts with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which makes suggestions and controls various digital services for the driver – from videoconferencing, to shopping, to smart home functions.

With its ground-breaking technology for highly automated driving, intelligent connectivity, and innovative display control concepts, the BMW Vision iNEXT showcases totally new ways to utilize driving time. Visitors can explore the fundamental design principle referred to as “Shy Tech” – discretely integrated technology that only becomes visible when needed – directly, thanks to two further exhibits outside the vehicle. The interior of the BMW Vision iNEXT is designed as a mobile environment that enhances quality of life. This “Favorite Space” answers the question: “What will cars look like when they no longer have to be driven by a person, but still can be?”

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant marks the dawn of a new era for the BMW brand, using natural language for interaction with the vehicle and to access functions. In the new BMW X5 visitors can check out the functions that will be available for new models from March 2019, along with selected future capabilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The personal assistant is also an integral part of the stand concept. It welcomes visitors at the entrance to the stand and guides them to the center of the exhibition through sound and light experiences.

The BMW Group presence at the CES 2019 is completed by spectacular outdoor vehicle presentations. BMW Motorrad will demonstrate one of its research highlights in the field of automated driving: a self-riding BMW R 1200 GS. The insights gained with this test bike will help provide even better assistance with difficult maneuvers in the future. For the first time, visitors can also take a seat in the all-new, first-ever BMW X7 and enjoy being driven through an impressive off-road course.

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