• If You Thought Tesla’s Yoke Steering Was ‘Ludicrous’, Check Out This Steering Pad From GM

This GM steering pad will make you feel like you’re driving in a real-life video game!

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It looks like steering wheels are going to go extinct soon. Not because autonomous vehicles will take over in the future, but because automakers are ditching the ‘wheel’ in favor of other shapes. Tesla introduced the F1-inspired Yoke steering on the production-spec Model S Plaid a few months back. Now, GM has unveiled a game controller-like steering pad. The automaker’s design team uploaded images of the steering pad on its Instagram handle.

Steering Pads Could Be The Future


The steering pad seen here has a touchscreen system in the center. The screen gives out a whole lot of information. We understand this is just a design for now, but it’s surprising to see a fuel gauge and an oil gauge here. You would expect to see autonomous tech and such concepts on an EV generally. You also have icons for Navigation, Information, Calls, Settings, etc. ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’ buttons are also present at the bottom of the pad. The controller is also leather-wrapped on either side.

If You Thought Tesla's Yoke Steering Was ‘Ludicrous', Check Out This Steering Pad From GM
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Interestingly, you can see the gear shift button on the left side of the pad. There’s Drive, Reverse, and even ‘Brake’ between them. Considering there’s the brake here, we can’t help but wonder if the circular button on the right side of the pad is the accelerator. In the other image, you can see the cameras in action. It is detecting the boards and other cars on the road, and also guiding you with lane changes. ‘Human Drive’ can be seen here at the bottom, unlike ‘Autonomous’ in the first image. Also, you can see only the right side lit up in orange. Is it for the indicator?

Final Thoughts

If You Thought Tesla's Yoke Steering Was ‘Ludicrous', Check Out This Steering Pad From GM
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There is a circular switch on the right side that could be for the accelerator since there are gear control on the other side

All said and done, this steering pad looks pretty darn interesting in theory. We doubt it will make it to production cars anytime soon, but companies are thinking in that direction and it is only a matter of time before everyone jumps the board. If given a choice, would you give such steering pads a shot, or are you happy with steering wheels? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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