The exotic machines that come out of Lamborghini’s Italian workshop are automotive works of art, however it takes a German tuning shop to make it into the wild ride that it can be. While the Gallardo LP560-4 is a very impressive car from the factory, this LP560-4 GTV from IMSA is truly fantastic. We first heard about this modified Gallardo back in February but today IMSA is giving up all the juicy details about this white on gold super car.

IMSA GTV Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
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The IMSA GTV Gallardo features new front and rear bumper with larger intakes and aerodynamic diffusers. A set of side skirts round out the ground effects package while a larger rear wing keeps the Gallardo planted at speed while the fender flares give it a bit more menacing stance. Under the skin is a height adjustable sports chassis that sets the body down nicely on the 20 inch lightweight alloys and also allows owners to easily enter steep ramps and clear curb stones. After all, you won’t want to worry about the small things in life when you are surrounded by carbon fiber, sitting in soft leather and grasping onto Alcantara. The LP560’s high revving V10 has already been tuned by Lamborghini over the standard model, so the 5% that IMSA found bringing output up to 590 HP is extremely impressive. While we may be suckers for the way a set of gold wheels sets off a white paint job, but there is truly something special about this GTV Gallardo from IMSA.


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  (344) posted on 01.7.2010

I don’t know either what seems to be the special feature on that car but IMO, maybe the 20-inch lightweight alloy is really interesting. For the engine tuning, I’m not impressed at all to add 5% only, that . Anyways I don’t care about the gold wheels coz’ you can buy that everywhere.

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