Or, you know, it could carry a platoon of rogue human-opressing robots akin to those in “iRobot”

Bugatti is no stranger to building fast cars with four-digit horsepower figures and excessive high-speed capability. The best so far was that “longtail” Chiron that hit 304 mph and later became the Chiron Super Sport 300. Soon, the company will venture into the super SUV market as well, although we’re not holding out hope for a 300-mph SUV. But, what will Bugatti be doing in the future? Imagine a world where highway speeds approach the speed of sound or when moving a package (or people, for that matter) from one coast to the other takes a matter of hours. When that happens, maybe Bugatti will have something similar to this overly intricate Hypertruck concept.

What Would a Bugatti Semi (Hyper) Truck Look Like?

In The Future, This Bugatti Semi (Hyper) Truck Could Help Transport All the Crap You Buy on Amazon
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Transferring Bugatti’s iconic design onto something massive that’s sole purpose is to carry goods from one side of the country to the other isn’t an easy task. Somehow, Prathyush Devadas of Chinese company Dongfeng managed to do just that, and his renderings are a downright work of art.

Somehow the hypertruck manages to carry around some level of aerodynamic appearance. Surely, the cylindrical shape has a lot ot do with that, but look at how smooth this thing is from front to rear. Devadas even manage to put Bugatti’s iconic “C” shape on the front of the cabin, which happens to sport what appears to be a massive sensor array (assuming this thing is autonomous) or a thin driver’s cabin. Perhaps it could double as both. Either way, consideration for aerodynamics is taken into consideration everywhere.

Notice the wing on each side of the cabin or sensor array? This clearly directs air way from the center of the “C” and over the round body.
In The Future, This Bugatti Semi (Hyper) Truck Could Help Transport All the Crap You Buy on Amazon
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On a side note, I have to admit that on first impression, this thing reminded be of that transport carrier from iRobot. You know; the one that turns sideways and unloads an entire platoon of robots hellbent on killing Will Smith? Of course, I highly doubt Bugatti would ever be the company that would be interested in killing off the human race but, then again, it is a member of the dirty VAG.

Source: Prathyush Devadas via. Behance

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