In an interview with Automotive News, Infiniti dealer Peter Wilson said there will be some sort of a supercar in the future that might be built on the same platform as the GT-R. As he said: "that would make sense, but it’s not necessary."

"Another segment is the spot previously occupied by the old mid-sized QX4. That vehicle was retired in 2003, and nothing took its place. We’ll call it a mid-sized people-mover — not necessarily an SUV. I tend to think the SUV thing has run its course. A crossover, maybe? That would be good."

Infiniti believes people might be interested of a smaller-engine model. Why? Because as it says, the Lexus IS 250 sells much better than the 350: same look, just different power. This is exactly what Infiniti plas to do with the G35 that has a maximum output of 306 horsepower and costs $34,000: "With a different engine, you’re opening the door to other consumers who really don’t need all that power. They want to buy the look. There is only a percentage of them who want to also buy the power. Infiniti has been in a renaissance since 2002, when they redefined themselves as a performance brand. It has worked well. But performance isn’t for everybody. Not everyone who buys a $34,000 sports car needs 306 horsepower."

An G35 Hybrid is also under consideration: "You must have a completely separate hybrid model. It couldn’t be a "G35 Hybrid." It would need to be a unique hybrid model."


Source: Automotive News

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