First EV to arrive in 2021 as well

Infiniti made quite a few headlines with its new and revolutionary variable compression gasoline engines, but the company is actually planning to move away from conventional powerplants in just a few years. While the Q Inspiration concept was stealing the show in Detroit, the Japanese brand announced that all of its new models will have electrified powertrains starting 2021.

Infiniti Is Going Electric From 2021; All New Cars Will Be EVs and Hybrids Exterior
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2021 will bring the brand's first pure electric vehicle, alongside a batch of new hybrids

This doesn’t mean that Infiniti will remove all of its gasoline engines from the lineup just yet, but only existing nameplates will continue to use them. 2021 will bring the brand’s first pure electric vehicle, alongside a batch of new hybrids. The latter will feature the new e-Power drivetrains, in which a small gasoline engine will charge a high-output battery, thus eliminating the need for an external charging source.

Infiniti also said it expects that more than half of its global sales to be comprised of electrified vehicles by 2025.

The company’s lineup comprises eight nameplates as of 2018, but only two, the Q50 and Q70 sedans, have hybrid versions. Its parent company Nissan already offers the all-electric Leaf and it’s planning to launch a hybrid version of the GT-R soon.


Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Points To Future Of Infiniti's Design Language Exterior
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