Infiniti is pretty unsure about its future. It wants big cars, but can likely only sell small cars. "At the moment, society is pushing for smaller cars," said Shiro Nakamura, global design director for Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. "We would like to have a Q45, but I cannot do it without support from society."

Announcement of a new flagship sedan had been expected this summer, but Nakamura said high fuel prices "make it more difficult" to justify development of such a vehicle.

As for developing a car smaller than the G37, Nakamura said demand exists outside the United States, but Nissan is still studying the segment. He said an entry-level Infiniti is at least three years away. Asked whether the car would be rear-drive, Nakamura said, "We hope so. The essence of Infiniti is the driving experience. We think it is quite important to maintain rear-wheel drive for the Infiniti line."


Source: Automotive News

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