Typically, it’s the drivers and sometimes the team principles that get all the face-time during a Formula 1 season. Occasionally, a member of the pit crew who fails to tighten a wheel nut will get his cringing mug on TV too, but that’s usually not ideal. For every one of these people, there are hundreds more on every team working to ensure each grand prix weekend goes off without a hitch.

To introduce us to these people, Infiniti and Red Bull Racing put together this fascinating series of six videos, each highlighting a specific team member and his or her role. Formula 1 teams are marvels of modern logistics. On top of keeping drivers in top physical condition and continuous car development, personnel, cars, transporters and millions of dollars worth of equipment have to be shipped from one corner of the world to another within narrow timetables.

If you’re interested in knowing how it all gets done, this series is definitely worth your time. First we meet senior composites technician Stuart Jones, who oversees the many carbon-fiber components that comprise an F1 car. Matt Disney is the parts and logistics team leader and ensures that any needed parts reach the team regardless of where they are in the world. Senior garage technician Nigel Hope is basically the head roadie of the team, and manages the packing and transportation of about 50 tons worth of freight to each race. Sarah Cortenay works from the headquarters as the engineering support team leader and provides vital data to the pit wall during each session. Stuart Smith is driver Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach, and ensures Daniel is mentally and physically prepared for each race. Lastly, we meet physiotherapist John Hammond, who monitors the health of the team in often challenging conditions.

Unfortunately, Formula 1 is one of those sports in which you can do everything right, and things still don’t come together. It’s still early in the season, but Infinity Red Bull Racing has struggled mightily so far. The team was plagued with braking woes in the first few races, and there’s been plenty of finger-pointing between team principle Christian Horner and engine supplier Renault over the performance of this year’s power unit. Red Bull has also been consistently out-paced by their supposed “junior” team at Toro Rosso, but with smart and dedicated individuals like these, we have little doubt the team will be back on championship form soon.

Infiniti Presents "The Human Challenge In F1": Video
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