As is the case with just about everything Apple makes these days, people are going to line up and scoop them up as soon as it hits stores. That’s the massive leverage that comes with being a market leader and a symbol of status all over the world.

So if you’re a company that’s hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Apple, it would be a pretty easy decision to jump on the ever-growing iPad table that’s scheduled to drop in stores in the near future.
One car brand that has taken the lead in using the iPad table as its own vehicular marketing tool is Infiniti. The Nissan-owned car brand is working on releasing a special version of its ‘adeyaka’ customer magazine that will be specifically produced for the iPad.

Don’t ask us what ‘adeyaka’ means because we don’t have the foggiest idea. In any case, Lutz Suendermann, Infiniti’s creative director and the tasked to head the project, said that “the iPad version of adeyaka will leverage many iPad functionalities to offer a completely unique reading experience, while maintaining the ’look and feel’ that already made adeyaka one of the most highly-acclaimed customer magazines."

According to Infiniti, the iPad version of the ‘adeyaka’ will largely complement the magazines print and web editions of the magazine. Be sure to drop by the Apple iTunes Store beginning in May of 2010 to download the first of what Infiniti hopes to be many issues of their new iPad-exclusive ‘adeyaka’ magazine.


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  (461) posted on 03.28.2010

This is a must have gadget for sure it’s first lunch on the market apple will take the opportunity to sell it on a high price.

  (341) posted on 03.28.2010

What in the world does Adeyaka means anyways? Is it a real magazine? Anyhow, I’m really excited for the distribution of Ipad (sure do hope that it wont be that expensive). I have heard that it would be nice for games as well.

  (780) posted on 03.26.2010

For sure many guys out there are craving to have this but i guess its price are higher than expected.

kirbygarlitos  (15) posted on 03.26.2010

Hey buddy,

It’s going to be available by May 2010. smiley

kirbygarlitos  (5) posted on 03.26.2010

i coudn’t find it on the itunes store

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