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KIT CARS: offer a low cost way of driving a sports car. The Rocket is hugely different to cars available in the showrooms so there is a genuine reason to enter into this hobby. It offers more fun per pound spent than anything else on the roads. You don’t have to drive the mundane cars offered today, now you can build our own individual machine that will leave production sports cars behind.

DONOR CARS: are readily available and offer excellent value for money. The Rocket uses the Focus as a donor thus offering reliability, fuel economy, up to date engineering and cost effectiveness. Hundreds of Category D Focus’s are available from salvage yards for around £1000 with low mileage and body damage only. Class D’s are damaged repairables and a V5 can be applied for meaning you will be given an age related plate when you register your Rocket.

Innovation by design II - MEV Rocket
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BODY STYLING: why hide the chassis when you can be proud of it? When you drive your Rocket you can show the world you’re not in a tin box by exposing the raw material that your ride is made from. GRP panels are a Rocket option but these can be fixed to the inside and still leave the architecture exposed. Look cool in your wrap round shades in the summer then fit a body in the cold season.

 PERFORMANCE: phenomenal. The Rocket’s modern zetec engine has a whole host of after market tune up kits available. With only 500 kilos to pull around the standard 100bhp unit is a blast but tune it to 175bhp and it really is a rocket!

INSURANCE: kit car insurance is excellent value for money and is offered by several specialist agents. Add to this that a standard Rocket will be 1600cc and we will attract younger drivers who will be paying less than the premium for a hot hatch. Garaged cars with limited mileage premiums cost the least.

BUILD COSTS: are very reasonable and you can expect to build a Rocket for around £6000. No hidden extras and an exceptionally competitive price list will mean you will be making an investment. We would like our customers to build a Rocket, sell it, make a profit and then build another.

SKILL LEVEL: the Rocket is one of the easiest kit cars to build that’s on the market today. The chassis comes pre drilled and the GRP panels and wings are impregnated with your choice of coloured resin and only require elbow grease. Assembly is kept simple, no fabrication, no modifications and simplified wiring. It’s a transplant job not a repair job so choose your donor well and the build will be easy and very rewarding. Build time is approx 150 hours, but it’s a hobby not a race. Driving a car you built yourself is very exciting. It’s playtime, enjoy it.

HANDLING; the Rockets suspension is fully adjustable. Set the ride height by turning a C spanner, set the shock absorbers to suit your desired damping and set the front and rear camber for track or road use. Brake bias is also adjustable.

Innovation by design II - MEV Rocket
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  • Chassis: Fully triangulated steel space frame with optional M.S.A spec roll bar.
  • Brakes: Discs all round with optional 4 pot front calipers on vented, grooved and cross drilled discs and 2 pot rear calipers with solid discs.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length 3125mm
    • Width 1725mm
    • Height 1125
    • Wheel base 2425mm
  • Power: Ford “zetec” SE also known as the “sigma”. All alloy producing 100-175 bhp depending on tune stage. 1600cc-2000cc 4 cylinder transverse mounted and mated to 5 speed transmission.
  • Performance: Dependant on tune stage and engine size the Rocket can propel you to 60mph in less than 4 seconds.

The Rocket will be launched in Alpril. There are only two images available for now.

Source: MEV Ltd

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