Imagine yourself in the commanding driving position offered by the unique MEV R3. Stamping on the throttle releases a breath taking surge of power that rockets this light weight machine to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. Having approached a corner sooner than expected you will be delighted to find the stopping power and traction are amazing too! Then have fun experimenting with the fully adjustable suspension, alter it then try it.

Power to weight ratio is the all important factor when comparing performance. The Aston Martin Vanquish S has 520 bhp but it’s no comparison to the MEV R3 as the Aston is over one tonne heavier. Of course performance is also about braking, handling and traction and so with more weight the vehicle dynamics become more difficult. The Aston is a heavy weight making it slow in terms of acceleration, handling and deceleration when compared to the MEV R3. Despite having a V12 engine the Vanquish has only 277 bhp per tonne. The MEV R3 has nearly 50% more.

Innovation by design I - MEV R3
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R3 Speecifications

  • ENGINE: 2968cc V6 Ford Duratec
  • POWER: Standard 240 BHP up to 300 BHP
  • WEIGHT: 720kgs = up to 416 BHP per ton
  • PERFORMANCE: 0 – 60 mph under 5 seconds
  • TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual
  • TYRES: 225/40 x 18
  • SUSPENSION: Double wishbones, adjustable coil over dampers all round
  • BRAKES: 4 pot callipers with vented discs all round
  • STEERING: 2.7 or 2.2 turns lock to lock, adjustable camber all round
  • CHASSIS: Fully triangulated steel space frame. Jigged & migged
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 3500mm, Width 1720mm, Height 1200mm
  • WHEEL BASE: 2475mm
  • BODY: Light weight hand laminated G.R.P

Source: MEV Ltd

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