For Spain, the equivalent of April 1st is December 28. This is the only reason why the Spanish Volkswagen website "unveiled" the Touareg Cabrio! (I first thought they got a little bit to enthusiast by the holiday’s spirit, but when I talked to my friend from the Spanish TopSpeed and find out the real reason!)

But they didn’t stopped posting the image of the Touareg Cabrio; they even have another three pages about the trim levels, engines and gallery. Well, if you will press Gallery you will find out it’s a joke and you even have an option to send it to a friend!

The question is why? Why a joke about a Touareg Convertible, just after Audi revealed the Cross Cabriolet quattro concept? Maybe in the end the joke will become reality!

Until then, go to the official page, and send the joke to your friends too!

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