Help deplete that 2017 Stock and save as much as $30,000!!!

So, here’s the deal – Jaguar isn’t advertising it, but it’s dealers are getting a major discount for each Jaguar F-Type sold. How Much? As much as $30,000 Gertrude; that’s how much. The nitty-gritty: Dealers are getting $30,000 cash incentives on the F-Type SVR, $20,000 on the F-Type R, and $10,000 on the F-Type V-6. So, if you’re planning to buy an F-Type, walk into your dealer with this knowledge, otherwise, they might try to get one over on you. Either way, this is a pretty big deal, and even if some dealers try to play stupid, others out there are already applying a full discount. And, they should.

See, the whole point of this huge dealer cash incentive is to help them move 2017 inventories, not for them to make $30,000 on some poor guy who doesn’t know what’s going on. The dealers can mark them down as much as they want, to the maximum amount and will still get their full incentive, but, there’s a catch. See, the dealers only get the cash incentive if the sale isn’t combined with promotional financing. That means you’re either paying case or walking into the door with a check pre-written by the loan agent at your bank or credit union – you know, outside financing.

With that in mind, you could – in theory – get yourself a V-6 F-Type for as little as $50,000 if your dealer has one in stock and will give you the full $10,000 cash incentive. OF course, most dealers have already sold out of the base model, as usual, so you’ll probably have to go for an R or SVT, both of which will drain the bank a bit more. But, with when you take into account that just a week ago the F-Type SVR had a sticker of $130,000, and you can now find them listed for just over $100,000, you’re still getting a damn good deal for a car that’s still new. Oh and, by the way, there’ are absolutely no dals on the table for buying or leasing a 2018 model with all current offers expiring after the new-years blowout on January 1, 2018. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting to get a better deal on a 2018 model and, for what it’s worth, the 2018 model will probably be the exact same anyway so do yourself a favor and take advantage of this deal while you still can.


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