Maserati’s future looks quite promising. It has just unveiled the new Quattroporte, and we are waiting to see the production versions of the Kubang concept and the yet-to-be-named sports car below the current GranTurismo. However, it looks like these are not the only models to be offered by the company, as Autoweek is reporting, via a Maserati employee, that Maserati will soon offer up a new sports car placed above the current GranTurismo.

Said employee told the magazine that this won’t be just a special edition of the current GranTurismo, but an entirely new model with completely different bodywork and with a more powerful engine. We believe this engine to be a more powerful version of the current twin-turbocharged V-8 developed for the new Quattroporte.

No other details have been provided, but rumors say the new car will arrive on the market by 2015.

Stay tuned for more details!



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  (349) posted on 12.8.2012

I think you can buy beautiful and most powerful cars with the same money.

  (377) posted on 12.8.2012

I like it just for this aspect, that attracts me. Just because they look different’d buy them

  (397) posted on 12.8.2012

Yeah, it;s something like this. Today I think, the cars with a more aggressive look are most wanted.

  (341) posted on 12.8.2012

Seem to me to have too many curves, are too ... round

  (397) posted on 12.8.2012

I believe that they sell and they will only have even more sales

  (346) posted on 12.8.2012

I like them. Have a simple, elegant appearance. I’m curious how it will look the sport one.

  (349) posted on 12.8.2012

they had luxury cars, right? got bored or do not have sales? hmmm

  (377) posted on 12.8.2012

"Maserati Building a Sports Car" sounds very interesting and promisingsmiley

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