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McLaren just announced U.S. pricing information for the 765LT, and it costs quite a pretty penny at $358,000. That’s a notable premium over the base 720S, which retails from around $300,000 before options. Needless to say, for the price of 765LT, you can buy a 720S, which is still awesome, and still have enough money for a second sports car, like the Porsche 718.

Why is the McLaren 765LT so expensive?

Instead of Buying a McLaren 765LT, Just Gat a Base 720S and a Porsche 718 Exterior
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Well, it’s mainly because it’s lighter and more powerful. It’s also limited to only 765 units, while the 720S will be built without limitations until a replacement will arrive in a few years. Of course, the 765LT also comes with loads of extra standard features compared to the 720S.

On the outside, it features louvered carbon-fiber front fenders, ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels, and the Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrade Pack. It also comes with a quad-pipe titanium exhaust system. Step inside, and you’ll find a special Alcantara trim package, carbon-fiber seats with power adjustment, heating, and memory, and carbon-fiber shift paddles. The bundle also includes the Carbon Fiber Primary Interior Components Pack, a power-adjustable steering column, floor mats, and a Bowers & Wilkins audio system. Tech-wise, it also comes with a rear-view camera, parking sensors, and a vehicle lift system as standard.

Instead of Buying a McLaren 765LT, Just Gat a Base 720S and a Porsche 718 Exterior
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Compared to the 720S, the 765LT is 176 pounds lighter, while its beefed-up V-8 engine generates an extra 45 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of twist.

McLaren argues that the 765LT’s pricing includes "approximately $50,000 of comparable cost options on the 720S."

Is the McLaren 765LT worth it?

Instead of Buying a McLaren 765LT, Just Gat a Base 720S and a Porsche 718 Exterior
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If you’re after a limited-edition supercar, the answer is yes. However, there’s a more practical solution to spend $360,000 and still own a McLaren. The base 720S offers comparable performance, and it costs "only" $300,000. Sure, the 765LT is a tad quicker and features more carbon-fiber, but you likely won’t feel the difference unless you take it to the track and record your lap times on a regular basis. You can spend the extra $60,000 on MSO options to create a unique model, or you can actually purchase a second sports car. The Porsche 718 is the first candidate that comes to mind, as the Cayman starts from $57,500. But you can actually buy a convertible to mix things up since the 718 Boxster isn’t that much more expensive at $59,600.

Sure, you won’t have anything left for options, and you might actually need to fork out an extra $2,000 or so for fees, but hey, two sports cars are always better than one.

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