That’s what it can cost to repair a $31,450 Infiniti G35 after a 3 to 6 mph fender bender.
Yes, that’s right.
Well, not really. 
It’s right only if you manage to have four separate accidents all at one time. 
The “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety” is whining again. 
For years, the IIHS has been the home for the escapees from Ralph Nader’s various organizations who have become unemployed when the government changes parties. For years, the basic mantra of the IIHS is that everything about cars which is bad – to their view, just about anything that an insurance company might have to pay for – is the fault of the companies making the cars.
Their latest usual suspect is repair costs for luxury cars, such as $11,000 for a C Class (the old one, not the new one just announced), and almost as much to repair a Lexus ES.
Of course, the IIHS rigged the tests.
They crashed the cars four times each. 
Automakers were quick to point out that this didn’t reflect “real world” driving conditions. They didn’t put it precisely this way, but the gist of what they all said was that even the most boneheaded and blind driver in the universe wouldn’t crash a car four times in one incident.
That, however, really doesn’t matter.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will have done what it set out to do:
Grab headlines saying that it is the automaker’s fault your insurance rates are so high.
Maybe if the insurance companies stopped supporting the IIHS, the rates could drop.
Nah, that’d never happen.

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