We knew that the Bugatti Veyron incident from last week drew headlines from all corners of the world. But what we didn’t expect was that a lot of people would have a field day making jokes and and selling inane items at its expense.

Internet community makes fun of Veyron-diving incident
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Two of these items that we found include a ’Pelican Repellent’ and a Bugatti Veyron AquaticAvoidanceSystem. Before you believe the validity of these items, it’s wise to put some context into them and think of these two things as nothing more than just people having fun at Mr. Alan House’s - the unfortunate driver of the Veyron - expense.

First up, we have the ’so-called’ Pelican Repellent at the Car Guy Garage website. It’s not so much that it describes the product in this light: "When it comes to pelicans, you never can be too safe. Not only can they unload a nasty stain on your new paint job, but they have been known to swoop down on drivers of fancy French cars attempting to run them off the road." Care to venture a guess how much it costs? $2 million. That’s right.

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If the Pelican Repellent isn’t enough to get you rolling on the floor, an eBay auctioneer decided that he wanted a piece of the action and is now selling the aforementioned Bugatti Veyron AquaticAvoidanceSystem. According to the item’s product description: "With this system installed, you can be certain that you will not wind up in a lake, river, kitchen sink, harbor or ocean; regardless of whether or not a low-flying pelican, eagle or pegasus appears in front of your car." Best of all, you can have the AAS for a relatively modest $800. Now, that’s a bargain if we ever saw one.

Here’s a mental note to anybody who owns a Veyron - or any other supercar for that matter: Don’t drive your car straight into a lagoon, lest you be subjected to a maelstrom of Internet jokes about you.

Source: Car Guy Garage

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  (594) posted on 07.14.2011

hahaha. Seeing that Veyron in that condition, I really can’t stop laughing by looking at it. I think his owner never cleaned him up that’s why it take bath in the poolsmiley

  (384) posted on 07.14.2011

I wonder on how the car was jumped straight on the lagoon? Well, we couldn’t blame those people if they can’t get over with the humorous side of the incident that’s why a pelican repellent was introduced.

  (449) posted on 03.4.2011

well the tires that they are using is highly advance.. it uses the same technology they used in airplanes.. and it’s tire is rated to spin up to 275MPH..

  (780) posted on 12.22.2009

I don’t see the sense of pelican repellent for that incident but the Bugatti Veyron AAS(Aquatic Avoidance System) is hilarious. People, you’re sick on making fun of that but I don’t want to be hypocrite that I didn’t laugh on that joke.

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