Enthusiasts can now use their Apple devices as tools for making vehicle modifications to improve performance. Rev Lite, a new automotive software, allows users to monitor vehicle performance data using either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

The application is easy enough to use since it displays a graphical representation of how a car behaves as it is driven. Rev Lite utilizes Apple’s GPS feature to determine actual G-forces on the car during straight-line acceleration, braking and cornering. In this case, a driver’s performance on the road or track can be gauged to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Using an OBD II/WiFi interface, an iPhone or iPod Touch running Rev Lite can be linked to a car’s ECU. In this mode, it is possible to show additional engine variables such as fuel consumption, calculated engine load, and intake manifold pressure. Analog-type and digital gauges are used for such readouts. Rev Lite also employs graphs to illustrate values over time. Motorists wanting to know why the ‘Check Engine’ light is on will find Rev Lite useful because it can be used to verify and reset engine codes as well.

Rev Lite is a product of San Francisco-based DevToaster (www.devtoaster.com), an application development company which uses Apple’s iPhone as its primary platform. Customers can download the application for free via the Apple iTunes Store.

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