Impressive achievements haven’t been made just in the automotive industry, but also when it comes about toys. If until recently if we wanted to play with a toy car we needed a remote, now an impressive feature has been announced. Silverlit has released a special Ferrari Enzo Toy Car that is being controlled by iPhone.

The Enzo Toy is not only an impressive replica of the real car, but it has been developed in conjunction with an app for all mobile iOS devices. This application controls the car in the same way a joystick does. The toy car is capable of various speeds, has multi-racing steering, and sports head, tail, and turning lights. Communication between car and device is made possible through Bluetooth.

This kind of toy is recommended for ages 8 and up and is priced at $80. Next to the Enzo, Silverlit is offering a whole line of these remote controlled vehicles, called the Blue Sky Series.


Source: Chipchick

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