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Robot parking systems have been used in other countries and now the automated system is being put to work in a Chinatown parking garage in New York City. This new system will allow the garage to expand its amount of parking spaces from 24 to 67 cars because the system allows the basement styled garage to remove a ramp and maneuver a space normally required. Now you ask how does this system work? Drive up to the garage opening and pull up onto the automated pallet-which essentially does the moving for you. I imagine this pallet computer senses when you have stopped on the grid and then lowers itself into the appropriate parking space. No valet attendants are needed for the system.


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Lucca  (27) posted on 01.31.2007

i think it is a great business idea- in regards to a thieve staying in the car/ when lowered down there is no clear path of where to go- you will have to climb down the different pieces of robotized metal to get down to the ground. would be a great thing to put down on south beach -

pdaix  (433) posted on 01.31.2007

I wonder how well protected are the individual parking spaces underground because if they are not, it will be a real blast for thieves to stay in the car while it is lowered and then get out in an absolutely empty parking lots.

Arghh may be I am just too old fashioned.

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