News of the World, a British tabloid, is reporting that Fernando Alonso, the two-time world driving champion who stuck a knife in his team’s back before the FIA, will be driving next year for Ferrari, at a price of $40 million a year. Perhaps the transition will be easier for Alonso, as he’s already familiarized himself with some of the secret characteristics and design features of Ferrari.
It was Alonso, now with McLaren, who brought the heavens crashing down on that team, according to reports from last week. Alonso threatened that he would reveal incriminating emails to the FIA if team manager Ron Dennis refused to name Alonso the number one driver on the team. Dennis, either in an act of honesty or a move to preempt Alonso, informed the FIA himself. That brought about the renewed hearings that resulted in draconian penalties against McLaren, but not even a lash with a wet noodle in the direction of Alsonso, who stands a good chance of winning the driver’s title again.
The open seat at Ferrari is Fillipe Massa’s: he’s going to Toyota, according to reports. Massa is said to be eager to leave Ferrari because he believes that team manager Jean Todt is going to lose an internal power struggle and be forced out in favor of former Ferrari designer Ross Brawn. Todt’s son is Massa’s manager.
Given Alonso’s role in the scandal that has pitted Ferrari against McLaren in litigation for much of the season and continues to embroil McLaren officials in Italian legal proceedings, it is regrettable that Alonso has escaped penalty only to end up being paid $40 million by the team that benefited most from his betrayal of his current team. 
At least, Ferrari should know what it’s getting.

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  (2) posted on 09.24.2007

Oh, and if anyone is clearly guilty of betraying his team, it’s Mike Coughlan. Accepting Ferrari documents puts the whole of McLaren’s woe at his feet.

  (2) posted on 09.24.2007

"who stuck a knife in his team’s back before the FIA,"

According to who? I’ve lost a huge amount of respect for ol’ Fred, but that rumor about threatening to rat Ron Dennis out unless Hamilton got kicked back to F3 has yet to be proven. Not even Prost was that big a .

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