Mysterious model is scheduled to debut at the City of Lights this week

Audi Sport has released a mysterious teaser of a car that looks like the R8 supercar. Audi didn’t confirm that it’s the facelifted version of the supercar so if it’s not that, this model sitting underneath the sheets could be a race car based on the R8. The facelifted R8 is expected to arrive later this year so it’s possible that this model could serve as a preview of what we can look forward to when the new R8 debuts. There are no specific details about the car other than Audi’s plan to show the model at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. We’ll know more then.

Paris Motor Show 2018

Ready to let loose with our new beauty. See you in Paris on October 2nd. #LeagueofPerformance

Posted by Audi Sport on Saturday, September 29, 2018

We spent a good amount of time debating what the model under the sheets is. Just as we thought we had agreed on an answer, Audi released a 10-second teaser video with the message, “ready to let loose with our new beauty in Paris on Oct. 2nd.” The video’s message isn’t what piqued our curiosities, though. The video itself shows a good portion of the car’s front fascia, revealing three horizontal vents in front of the hood. That reinforces our belief that this model is not the facelifted R8 but is actually a race-spec version of the supercar.

Go back to the teaser photo of the car covered in a big sheet. You can make out the R8’s outline pretty easily — the TT or TT-RS isn’t that wide and yet, it’s the only other Audi model that places the Four Rings logo in front of the hood rather than the front grille.

Look closely at the photo, and you’ll also notice the R8-like headlight arrangement and what looks to be a different set of vents sitting on the hood of the car.

If your imaginations are as vivid as ours, you can probably also make out the corners of the front bumpers. Are those canards? We don’t know, for sure, but our minds are saying, “yes!”

Regardless of what this version of the R8 is, it will debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. If this is a new R8-spec race car, it’s not impossible for the model to carry hints that lead to the facelifted version of the R8, which we’re actually expecting to see before the year ends. Recent spy shots of the facelifted R8 — none of them include the three vents we saw on the teaser video, by the way — suggest that only mild tweaks are expected. Perhaps the front and rear bumpers will reworked. A grille-like insert between the tail lights could also find its way in the facelifted R8.

Even if you don’t share our optimism that this car is a race-spec version of the R8, the good news is that none of us will have to wait too long to find out what Audi’s been teasing over the past week. The model is scheduled to debut on October 2. That’s tomorrow. No matter what happens, we’ll definitely have more information then.

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