We weren’t going to write about this, because it is all a bunch of warmed-over unsubstantiated b.s.
But the blog that portrays itself as telling the “Truth” about cars decided to go with it, as though it were true.
So, here goes:
A documentary has been released which asserts that BMW is, basically, a company founded on the bodies of death camp victims. As the story goes, the Quandt family, which controls BMW and is the richest family in Germany, got its start because the family founder’s wife married Joseph Goebbels, after dumping the family founder, and Goebbels reared the son. That son eventually became the boss of BMW, in 1959.
The documentary which makes these allegations was shown this past Sunday at the Hamburg film festival. A book making similar allegations was published in Germany in 2002, so the film makers have had an ample opportunity for plagiarism.
As, of course, has the “Truth”ful website.
But here’s the real story – as actually revealed by the documentary, “The Silence of the Quandts.”
Taking the allegations at face value, Guenther Quandt, who died in 1954, owned battery factories – battery factories – during World War II. Forced labor, it is said, was used in those factories.
Herbert Quandt is Guenther Quandts son. Herbert died in 1982. In 1959, Herbert obtained control of BMW. His heirs still control the company.

So, exactly how does this tie BMW to the Nazis?


It doesn’t.

Source: Rawstory

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  (103) posted on 10.4.2007

This is a bad documentary, i think the final line sums it: "It doesn’t."

  (60) posted on 10.4.2007

doubt it’s gonna have any big effect

  (132) posted on 10.4.2007

I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve, lower their sales?

  (608) posted on 10.3.2007

lol swibe u got a point there

  (372) posted on 10.3.2007

You’re gonna see this sort of thing from time to time. The machinery responsible is very powerful and tends to do as it pleases. But such is life. VW was comissioned by head Nazi Adolf Hitler and nobody’s making any noises about that. Not that they should, I’m just saying. BMW is just the latest German child to be attacked. They’ll get to Airbus and Blaupunkt eventually, I suppose.

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