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Despite all the work that engineers put into designing the new Ford GT, not even Ford was prepared for the insane attention the car has gotten since its debut. In fact, the car spawned so much interest that Ford application system was practically overwhelmed with people everywhere wanting to get their hands on the best thing Ford has created in a long, long time (save of the Focus RS, of course.) Needless to say, we already know just about everything there is about the GT – aside from how it actually drives, since Ford has yet to send us one (hint, hint.)

That being the case, can someone please explain to me why a Ford GT rocking swirly camo was caught just cruising down a Michigan Interstate near Detroit? To be honest, it could be any number of reasons, but it’s clearly not in “finalized” form. Check out all the random carbon fiber, and what is with those extra-long exhaust pipes? I don’t recall hearing any rumors of some one-off edition or any other variant of the GT, so what is this guy doing driving one?

I honestly wish I could tell you for certain. I contacted Ford’s PR department for information but have yet to hear a response. That tells me one thing. Either someone is playing a cruel joke, or Ford is up to some kind of secret mission. Either way, it’s sure to turn up some interesting news eventually.

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A Little Speculation

Is Ford Already Working on a Special Edition Ford GT? Exterior Spyshots
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First, let me just say that I’m not exactly a Michigan native, but I’ve been in Michigan the better part of my life. One thing is for sure – Michigan highways (or any road, period) is no place for a supercar. We have potholes that mangle rims, and you can throw a rock in about any direction and hit a construction cone without even trying. To put it simply, Michigan roads suck, and I surely wouldn’t want to drive a Ford GT anywhere around here. Be that as it may, someone is, and it looks like it’s a mule of some kind. Perhaps Ford is working on another Le Mans Edition, or maybe it wants to celebrate its awesome success on the track. I personally like to think it is working on something to give Ferrari the middle finger, at least I think that would make for a great story anyway.

Is Ford Already Working on a Special Edition Ford GT? Exterior Spyshots
- image 683775

Truth be told, we have no idea what this camo-covered GT means, but hopefully, it’s something good. The Detroit Auto Show is only five months away, so a mule today could be some kind of wild special-edition by then. Or, maybe someone with a little too much money got his hands on a Ford GT and decided to make it look like a prototype just to get us going. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more news about this. Michigan isn’t exactly a prime testing ground for supercars, so I doubt we’ll be seeing more spy shots anytime soon. A guy can hope, though, right?

Photo Credit: Brian Amori

Source: Social Media - Brian Amori

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