How he hell do you lose a car?

Okay, so Ford probably isn’t holding someone’s Focus RS for ransom, but there is definitely something sketchy going on. As reported on Medium by anxious RS owner (who doesn’t have possession,) Kevin Flynn, he ordered his Ford Focus on October 12, 2015, and was actually one of the first to place an order. He was hoping to receive one of the first five RS models to hit the West Coast, but it has become painfully obvious that isn’t the case.

According to Flynn, two anonymous Ford employees were relaying information to those awaiting their cars through forum posts on, like this post claiming that new production had been halted. Flynn’s story goes on to say that these Ford employees had told him when his car started and ended production and even posted an image of several RS models on a boat waiting to leave the dock. However, the employees have since been silent after Ford allegedly told them to “cease all information exchange.”

The last Flynn has reportedly heard, his car was in the U.S., sitting at the docks, but the trail goes cold after that. His dealer doesn’t know what is going on and Ford keeps giving him the runaround. Keep reading to see the reply that Flynn got directly from Ford.

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The Reply

Once Flynn’s Ford dealer failed to find any new information on the car, he reached out to Ford directly. The response is poorly written and somewhat rude. In fact, they even said that they would no longer be replying to his request for more information:

Is Ford Holding Someone's Focus RS For Ransom? Maybe....
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Pretty crazy right? I think it’s pretty damn sketchy, and Ford is apparently trying to cover something up. Flynn’s RS is being held for one reason or another. Perhaps something happened during shipping and Ford doesn’t want to admit it. Or, maybe Ford lost the car altogether. Either way, the car has been purchased, and the man deserves his car. So, where the hell is it at?

I contacted Ford myself and received the same short response as other outlets: “We are looking into this customer’s order status.” So much for that great customer service Ford claims to have. On a side note, what is up with that e-mail response Flynn received? It looks like “Jeffrey” from Ford’s Customer Relationship Center isn’t exactly a strong writer. Then again, correspondence like this probably comes some call center on the other side of the world. In that case, I commend “Jeffrey’s” use of the English language.

Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS High Resolution Exterior
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Source: Medium/ Kevin Flynn

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