So, what’s the mystery vehicle?

The recent spy shots of a large, tall BMW cross-over like vehicle – thought to be the new BMW 7 Series based competitor for the R Class Mercedes-Benz, the V Series – might be something else. Or, it might be something very recently stillborn. 
It is no longer so clear what this vehicle might be.

As part of the announcements made yesterday by BMW’s chief executive, Norbert Reithofer, outlining BMW’s strategy for the immediate future, came this disclosure:
The BMW competitor for the R Class has been cancelled. It had been announced to be based on the “Space Function Concept” vehicle displayed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2005. Plans to build it, however, have now been reconsidered. According to Reithofer, it was “decided [that] it does not fit BMW’s image.”
Instead of being a “V Series,” is the very large and bulbous thing seen testing on the streets in Frankfurt is the BMW “Progressive Activity Sedan.”
That’s what Leftlane thinks. But the assumption is questionable.
According to Reithofer’s statement, a Progressive Activity Sedan concept vehicle is currently under development. The concept will focus on space efficiency and functionality. "Expect this concept to introduce its own interpretation of the sedan and to surprise you with intelligent features," according to Reithofer.
If the concept is currently under development, it does not make sense that the lightly disguised mule seen testing in Frankfurt only days ago is the Passive Activity Vehicle. The pattern has been for BMW to prepare the concept car, exhibit it, and then develop the production vehicle. If the Passive Activity Vehicle were as advanced as the mule seen in Frankfurt, there would be no need or purpose to a concept car. They could just exhibit a near-production vehicle, followed in a few months by the real thing.
Besides, the mule appeared the antithesis of efficient use of space, since it was pretty large, especially by European standards: about 16 ½ feet long. If the V Series concept doesn’t fit BMW’s image, it is hard to see how anything that size would fit the image.
Reitofer’s announcement followed a BMW board meeting. Though the meeting was obviously a formality, it was the meeting that approved the plans which Reitofer announced. Perhaps the decision to cancel the V Series was a recent development, occurring only as plans coalesced in the past few days.
Perhaps the vehicle is something else entirely, very cleverly disguised.
It is a mystery.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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