• Is It Possible to Like This Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck More Than the Real Thing?

I would say so without hesitation

The Tesla Cybertruck has now been immortalized in LEGO form, except that it’s not an official LEGO creation. The custom LEGO build comes to us by way of Peter Blackert, and the details involved in this build are nothing short of impressive. Using only his creativity, Blackert was able to recreate a scaled version of the Cybertruck, complete with the Cyberquad and what we only assume to be a LEGO version of no less than Elon Musk himself.

There are a lot of things that are cool about this LEGO version of the Tesla Cybertruck, and while we don’t know if LEGO will actually offer an official version of the truck, we’re more than happy to use Blackert’s version as a peg to create our own LEGO Cybertrucks.

Cybertruck Lego Creation

Is It Possible to Like This Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck More Than the Real Thing?
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I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what happens if the imitation looks better than the real thing?

The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck was met with mixed reactions, especially when it came to its design.

Sure, Elon Musk promised that the Cybertruck would look different from what we’ve seen from the pickup segment, but even Musk’s claims couldn’t prepare us from our initial reaction when the Cybertruck drove onto the stage last Friday.

We’re going to spare everyone from our initial reactions since there was plenty of NSFW language involved in them. For lack of a more generous word, the Cybertruck looked bad. Even a few days of getting used to its aesthetics have proven futile. It looks like something you’d see in a Mad Max movie or something that was built in a 2000s-era video game. It also looks like something that would look a lot better if it were created using LEGOs.

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The later is exactly what LEGO builder Peter Blackert did. He posted his LEGO interpretation of the Tesla Cybertruck in his Flickr account, and for what it’s worth, we were right. The Tesla Cybertruck looks a lot better in LEGO form.

The recreated scaled LEGO version of the Cybertruck is a proper LEGO build.

Blacker got the Cybertruck’s weird angular proportions right, especially the triangle roof that swoops down all the way to the tailgate. The wheels are different, sure, and there is no Tesla Armor Glass in the windows, but everything else looks incredibly similar to the design of the real Cybertruck. Blackert even got the red taillight strip in the tailgate right.

Even better, Blackert’s creation isn’t just about the LEGO Cybertruck.

He also managed to build a LEGO version of the Cyberquad, the four-wheeled ATV that Musk revealed as a surprise towards the end of the Cybertruck’s unveiling.

The Cyberquad, as it has come to be known, can even fit into the bed of the Cybertruck, just like the real thing. And if these two brick-building creations aren’t enough, Blackert also created a miniaturized version of no less than Elon Musk himself.

Is It Possible to Like This Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck More Than the Real Thing?
- image 873406
Unfortunately, Blackert didn’t reveal details on the number of LEGO bricks he used in the build or, more importantly, how he was able to build it from scratch.

Since there’s no official LEGO tutorial on how to build the Cybertruck, Blackert likely created the all-new Tesla from scratch, using only event and official photos of the truck as his guide. That makes his build even more impressive.

Maybe LEGO takes Blackert’s cues and creates an official LEGO version of the Tesla Cybertruck. Maybe it doesn’t. There are a lot of discussions that need to take place before something like that comes to life. For now, we can take comfort knowing that there’s someone out there who has already recreated the Tesla Cybertruck using no more than spare LEGO parts, an incredibly vivid imagination, and incredible attention-to-detail.

Is It Possible to Like This Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck More Than the Real Thing?
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I don’t mind waiting for an official LEGO Tesla Cybertruck, but if that time never comes, at least there’s Peter Blackert’s creation to help guide us through building our own LEGO version of the Tesla Cybertruck until the real thing arrives, if that happens in the first place.

Source: Peter Blackert - FlickR

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