• Is Porsche Just Hiring the Best of the Best or Prepping for a Return to F1?

We have already learned the Porsche is returning to Le Mans, but now there are some new rumors with a little bit of validity regarding Porsche and professional racing. This new rumor is that Porsche is considering a return to F1. This rumor, however, has some strength, as Porsche has been hiring folks with F1 background. The latest hiring episode by Porsche included: Fritz Enzinger, Alex Hitzinger, Mike Krack and Urs Kuratle.

Enzinger was the Head of F1 Test and Race Organization at BMW Motorsport, Alex Hitzinger was the Head of Advanced Technologies’ for Red Bull F1 and Scuderia Toro Rosso, and Mike Krack and Urs Kuratle were race engineers at BMW Sauber. That’s a lot of F1 experience for any other manufacturer to hire, but Porsche is not your typical manufacturer, so those hirings alone are strange, but really no big deal.

There are also rumors that Porsche is scouring the F1 pits searching for more talent to add to its stable. This odd hiring trend combined with these rumors may be to prepare for Le Mans. If you really think about it though, wouldn’t Porsche hire a more eclectic group of racing experts or stick with Le Mans talent for that?

We definitely think there is something to this rumor and that Porsche will soon announce that it is returning to F1 in some capacity. Stay tuned for more!

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  (1) posted on 10.16.2012

Porsche will enter LMP1 in 2014 for a program lasting at least three years. The hybrid drivetrains in these cars are more sophisticated and diverse than F1, Audi Sport is filled with some of the best racing personal in the world and recently also recruited some ex F1 engineers and managers, that then led to stories about Audi entering F1. The Toyota team is run in house by TMG, in other words the same people who ran their F1 team, F1 and LMP1 are very similar technologically, the same talent is required, and while F1 is moving to become ever more spec racing that is more about sponors like REd Bull and the drivers, Le Mans LMP1 sportscar are driving technology and road relevance for manufacturers.

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