Is Porsche working on a hybrid 911?

Is Porsche working on a hybrid 911?
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Until now the German sports car builder Porsche had only announced plans for a hybrid powered Panamera to accompany the current Cayenne Hybrid in their green lineup. It appears that the automaker’s intention was to improve the gas mileage of their larger vehicles and improve their Corporate Average Fuel Economy, but there was never any mention about a high performance application, that is until now.

This latest spy shot shows a 911 test mule with a mysterious bulge on the hood wearing an interesting yellow triangle. Could this mean that Porsche is already testing a hybrid powered Carrera in an attempt to reduce emissions and possibly add a few extra ponies? We do not know for sure, but after all, anything is possible. Apparently witnesses reported that the car being tested was very quiet and almost impossible to notice because of the lack of noise, and the guys behind the wheel weren’t too happy to be spotted.


Source: Next Autos

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