The latest installment of the series that has been described as “Forza Motorsport, but with bikes” is here

Ride 3 is the third installment in the Ride series and one that adds more bikes, more tracks, more customization, more performance upgrades and, well, just more of everything compared to Ride 2. The developer calls the game “the most complete digital motorbike encyclopedia” pointing to the total number of models available - no fewer than 230 from 30 different manufacturers (of which over 70 are completely new to the series, not reused from previous Ride titles).

These bikes are split into seven different categories and just like in previous games; you can customize nearly every single component. In Ride 3 there are even more areas to modify, but some players will probably be very pleased by the inclusion of a complex livery editor and creator that should allow for the creation of spectacular looking designs (like we’ve seen in Forza and other series that support a similar feature).

The selection of tracks (and roads) to ride on has grown along with the number of bikes - 30 routes are now available in the game which the developer says are very realistic and accurate, all of which were “reproduced using photogrammetric technology and drone-scanning.”

According to those who have tried the game, the riding physics aren’t fundamentally different to Ride 2, but bikes apparently do have more heft to them, and the handling is more satisfactory. One YouTuber did comment that he felt that responses to his controller inputs were a bit laggier than before, but nobody else seems to have noticed this issue.

Not everybody is on board the positive opinion train, and there are those reviewers and critics who say while the game may be the best one in the series, it’s still not fun to play, pointing to dumb and unrealistic AI behavior, strange physics quirks of the game or bugs. But most seem to agree that it’s a game that deserves a rating of seven or eight out of ten, so it’s still pretty good, and with updates and fixes, it will become better in the future.

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