All-electric VW ID.3 has a cavernous button-free interior and the exterior appearance of a long-wheelbase hatchback

Volkswagen has revealed the production version of the ID.3, the first of a new generation of all-electric vehicles. The plan is for the ID.3 to be a big sales magnet for the brand, especially since it’s not going to be a hugely expensive car, but rather one designed to be more attainable than other rival battery powered models.

 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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With over 30,000 reservations on record since the vehicle was made available for pre-order in May, it would appear that the model is already set for success. And this is only the first ID model from VW, set to be followed by the production version of the ID. Crozz, ID. Buzz and ID. Vizzion concepts (the production-spec ID.3 was previewed by the ID Concept).

In case you were wondering, the 3 in the ID.3 model name has historic significance.

Essentially, the original VW Beetle is number one, the VW Golf is number two and this new all-electric car is seen as heralding a new era for the manufacturer.

In terms of size, the ID.3 has roughly the same overall length as the current Golf hatchback, but its wheelbase is noticeably longer, about the same as that of the Passat sedan - it looks like a fairly tall (and not really sporty) long-wheelbase hatchback with very short overhangs. Volkswagen has done this to maximize interior room which really does look very ample.

 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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Speaking of the interior, Volkswagen’s designers have done a great job making the ID.3 seem different to pretty much any other current model. It’s unashamedly minimalist, with lots of touch-sensitive buttons - in fact, the only actual physical buttons or switches are for the windows and putting the car in the “Park” position (via a stalk that extends out of the right side of the fully-digital gauge cluster).

In terms of room inside the car, it should feel about as roomy as the Passat sedan inside, with maybe a hint more headroom - VW calls this interior “the Open Space.” Legroom in the rear shouldn’t be a problem, even for tall adults sitting behind tall adults and cargo room seems decent too, although since there’s not much rear overhang, we don’t expect the trunk to be massive.

 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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According to Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales and Marketing for the ID. family, “the ID.3 is an all-rounder that is suitable for everyday use. It is compact, as such offering the maneuverability of a small car with the interior space of a mid-range vehicle. It combines exciting design with innovative technology and significant range.”

The 2020 Volkswagen ID.3 is a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Currently, only the 201 horsepower / 310 Nm (229 pound-foot) version has been revealed, but a lower-powered alternative will join the range later. In fact, the car is only available in its high-spec launch edition (called ID.3 1st) which draws juice from the middle-capacity battery pack that can store up to 58 kWh.

 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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The other battery packs are a smaller 45-kWh unit and a larger 77-kWh one. WLTP range for the smallest battery is quoted at 330 km (205 miles), the mid-range pack is quoted at 420 km (260 miles) and the top pack is good for a claimed 550 km (341 miles). VW says that the ID.3 can be charged with a 100 kW fast charger and that by doing so, the car will gain 290 km (180 miles) of range in just 30 minutes.

Top speed is rated at 160 km/h (99 mph).

At some point in the future, a slightly slower 150-horsepower motor will be made available for the ID.3 and all-wheel drive might also be added too.
 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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As with all launch edition vehicles, the ID.3 1st comes quite well equipped. It gets a standard infotainment screen, a heated steering wheel and heated front seats, as well as 18-inch rims. Move up to ID.3 1st Plus and the car gains a rear-view camera, adaptive cruise control, an advanced keyless access and start system, two USB-C connectors in the center armrest cubby and ambient lighting inside.

The same trim adds tinted windows, “the exterior Style package in silver,” LED matrix headlights, side lights, brake lights, indicators and rear lights, as well as larger 19-inch wheels.

The current top of the range version is called ID.3 1st Max and it comes with an augmented reality head-up display, Beats sound system, an opening panoramic glass sunroof, 20-inch rims and a lane change function for the adaptive cruise control.
 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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It’s also worth noting that VW has used the ID.3 to debut its new (simplified) logo. It is essentially the same logo as before, only it no longer sticks out - it is much flatter and it looks much more flush with any surface it’s placed on. We’re not sure if it’s going to be white for other VW models, but on the ID.3 all VW logos are finished in satin white.

Pricing hasn’t been officially announced, but VW does provide an estimate in the official press release - the ID.3 1st will start at “under €40,000.”

That means that the fully loaded ID.3 1st Max will probably be a €50,000+ vehicle. The model is set to enter production at Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant in November and it should reach customers in mid-2020.

 Is the 2020 ID 3 Volkswagen's Third Coming After the Golf and Beetle?
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VW will invest a total of €1.2-billion ($1.3-billion) in the plant, where it will add an additional production line to not only make the ID.3, but a total of no fewer than six different models based on the same modular MEB chassis architecture. The number includes SEAT- and Skoda-badged models.

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